Dear A,

I’m sick in many ways, I am very happy and grateful for the extension of our lives together for you and this art form. Our conversation was quite witty on the phone. About your continuing with Hong Kong, Japan, and Europe.

If you want to try for Central Park….but like with the jazz music from the 30’s 40’s and 50’s and rap….we were all shipped to the foreign countries like Europe. It continued again in Holland in the 80’s and then it stopped.

Very few shows were done in other parts of the world….especially one maned shows.

Since I am the only art tester in this culture of calligraphy to have 3 one maned Museum shows…

I believe that I have the right to be concerned with what you think about the many structuralizing thinkers of this art form. Therefore, I sent you not my ideas, but the scientific statements of this culture’s inner works.

Please read them carefully.

Continue to help this culture with these statements.

I have invested in calligraphy as it was before I was born, when the Monks stylized letters before Gutenberg’s printed pressed bible. In reality to this culture….nothing else matters.

ZEE Out…