Born in the 90’s and grown up in the Queens, painter, sculptor and singer Rammellzee is a colorful character you’ll almost always see wearing a mask. Highly influent in the worlds of painting and music, he forms – with Toxic, and Basquiat who produced and drew the cover of their album – the band Hollywood Africans.

His artwork, which is displayed in exhibits worldwide, is as surprising as he can be, mixing techniques and styles which combine writing and figure painting. Master of graffiti writing since 1977, he preaches his own philosophy: “the war of letters” within the space, tainted with afro futurism and Ikonoplast Panzerism.

He becomes famous with “Wild Style”, a 1982 cult movie in which he appears painting with Dondi and Revolt.
He then exposes his artwork in 1983 at Sydney Janis Gallery, a trendy New Yorker modern art gallery, sharing the walls with Dondi, A-One, Crash and Toxic.

Considered the Knight of Graffiti, he is the “Gothic Soldier” of his own philosophy: “the African Panzerism”, of which Jean-Michel Basquiat is one of the few followers.

Gone too soon in 2010 at the age of 49, Rammellzee nevertheless marks our cultural and artistic landscape.

Whereas being critically ill at the end of his life, he decides to visit Alain-Dominique Gallinzia’s workshop in Boulogne-Billancourt, where he achieved his last painted piece of art in collaboration with Toxic and Koor, the two lone survivors of his New Yorker “Crew”.

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